Easy WM (EZWM) - A simple to operate warehouse management solution in SAP

The Almasons’ Warehouse Management Solution in SAP aptly named “EZWM” (easy WM) is designed to provide a very simple solution to the warehouse operators to perform their day-to-day tasks with Zero errors and improve their productivity by 20 to 30%. Operators love the fact that they do not need to learn SAP transactions or refer to cheat sheets, or training manuals or seek system help from supervisors and others. Supervisors call this solution “Mistake Proof Solution”. No prior SAP or barcoding scanning experience is required to operate this solution which simplifies the entire HR process of hiring the experienced warehouse operators.

EZWM Labor Management and Planning tools provide in-depth information on every activity performed by every operator down to minutes and seconds. The Warehouse manager can see in real time, who are the best performance operators, which operator is idle, which bin / location has triggered exceptions, what are the different types of exceptions, etc. along with other KPIs like Idle time, Travel time, Pick time, Break time, lines / hour, etc. EZWM is the next generation warehousing solution exclusively designed for SAP customers.

This solution can be implemented with SAP Inventory Management storage locations to provide stock visibility at the bin level, without the complexity of SAP WM or EWM. This solution can also be implemented on top of SAP WM or SAP EWM to simplify SAP WM and EWM process and thus improve efficiency and reduce operator errors.

Some of the cool features / benefits of EZWM are:

Easy to operate
All transactions are easy to operate and no prior SAP experience is required

Guaranteed increase in efficiency by 20 to 30%
EZWM functionalities are designed to give guaranteed increase in operator efficiency by 20 to 30 % with 4 weeks of solution go-live

Increase accuracy to 99.99%
EZWM solutions designed to reduce human and system errors. Accuracy level with EZWM is guaranteed to 99.99%

Save on operator training
EZWM solutions are just step by step instructions versus traditional transactions where 80 hours or more, of operator training is a must for the operators every year

Save on Daily setup time
With EZWM, operators can begin their work in a few minutes. No supervisor intervention or handling of putaway / picking tickets is required. With other WMS systems, setup and initiation takes up nearly 30 minutes at the beginning of the shift.

Send alerts
The Warehouse team can setup the system to send alerts to different groups when an exception occurs.

Voice enabled (hands free, eyes free)
This feature is introduced so that if the warehouse operation requires operators to use both hands to handle the product, they can simply procure voice capable devices and connect them to EZWM via SAP web service or ITS services

RF enabled
All EZWM functionalities are RF device enabled.

Works on all Tablet, laptops or desktops - No SAP GUI is required and its real-time
All EZWM functionalities are enabled to work on any browser, any tables or laptops, desktop computers.NO SAP GUI installtion is required and its real-time

SAP Labor Management
All EZWM functionalities capture labor utilization by process including idle time, pick time, travel time, break time, shorts, and exceptions.

SAP Warehouse dashboards
warehouse dashboards are developed to show real time warehouse productivity, open tasks, exceptions, goal vs achievement and so on. It helps the warehouse manager take the right decisions to meet the target.

SAP Warehouse heat map
Warehouse heatmap helps the management to know which parts of warehouse is currently having highest open tasks.