EZWM Solution for Automotive Supermarket or large equipment manufacturing

One of the biggest challenges in the Automotive or large equipment manufacturing client like dishwasher, refrigerator, cook-top manufacturer is complexity of bill of materials and delivering the right parts at the right time to the right production staging lane using train / cart real-time without using the papers. In many clients this process is completely paper driven and micro managed by supervisor to avoid expensive errors. More often production lines are shut down due to lack of parts supply or hot parts radio calls made are made to avoid such shutdowns. EZWM Supermarket Solution is designed in SAP to solve this problem. This solution supports the

Forklift function:
System tells the warehouse to deliver a pallet when the supermarket stock goes below minimum level.

Filler Function
Filler function guides the filler to fill the supermarket bins that are delivered in KLTs or pallets or boxes. Supermarket bins give bin visibility of stock without activating SAP WM or EWM. In this functionality, the Filler can fill the bins using existing labels (bacoded plastic containers) or apply new labels to the boxes, record the quantity etc. The biggest advantage of this functionality is giving inventory visibility in each supermarket bin at the box level without activating WM or EWM.

Put back function
This is used by the filler or forklift driver to put away the remaining pallets in the supermarket overflow bins or warehouse bins.

Train load function
The system calculates the requirements for the production line in real time looking at the production schedule considering the stock available in the production line, and on the train / cart. The system guides the operator what to load on the train considering the delivery sequence. Train operator tells the system the cart number where the stock is loaded. The process is completely paperless and system guided and brings huge savings. It offers inventory visibility on the train and completely minimizes the need for radio calls in case of change in the production schedule.

Deliver function
Most companies rely on operators to deliver the right parts at the right work center or production staging lane. This is a very critical function, which is why train operators must disembark at every stop, go to every workstation, and check every production staging lane. Then, they have to refer to paper and search for parts in the train that have to be delivered at that production line. A small mistake by the operator can cause huge production losses - sometimes the production line shuts down.
Our EZWM solution is designed to make this process paper less, error free and not operator dependent. The system automatically guides the train operator where to stop, which work center to go, which boxes to pick and which production staging lane to deliver and in which sequence, thus reducing the delivery time by almost 30% within 3 months. Additionally, it brings visibility of stock that is delivered based on the hour, by box and by operator making it very easy to track production in case of exceptions or recalls.

In this function, the operator can accept returns and deliver it to the count station as part of the delivery process. The system can be configured to accept returns from all workstations or only from certain workstations.

Count Function
This function is designed to count the partially consumed boxes from the production line before putting them away in supermarket bins.

Consolidate boxes
This function enables operators to consolidate the boxes before putting them away in the supermarket bins to avoid partial boxes

Putaway returned / consolidated boxes
the system guides the operator as to where to put away the boxes after the counting is complete.

Hot Parts
In case of shortage at the time of trainload, the system automatically puts the requirements into hot parts to deliver the parts on high priority. This functionality also supports manual hot parts in case of radio call where the operator can scan the boxes and deliver them to the work station without system driven requirements.

Stock Transfer
This functionality allows stock to be moved between supermarket bins without scanning the boxes. The System moves the entire content of the box.

Cycle Count
System allows operators to count the supermarket bin by boxes, or quantity.