Easy Graphics Framework and Dashboards


Easy graphics framework is a tool used by modern warehouses to boost visibility of warehouse processes and efficiencies. It allows operators to track orders, tasks and resource utilization. It gathers real time warehouse data, consolidates it and depicts it in the form of graphs and charts.

The tool allows you to create and customize a dashboard, summarize your warehouse data and filter out relevant data for your analysis. From within the warehouse' cockpit, you can set parameters and budgets according to which the software performs it's analyses and comparisons. The cockpit enables real time supervision and monitoring of warehouses and warehouse data.

EGF can transform your business processes into a series of lean and efficient process flows. Cutting costs and improving process flows will allow you to boost your resource utilization and revenue earning capabilities to its full potential.

With Almasons' expertise and resources, implement EGF for your business. With data, comes control and with control, comes the ability to maximize your resources and your potential.Reach out to us to know more.