E Signature


SAP eSign is designed to capture signatures electronically and store them directly into SAP. In the case of the bill of lading process in warehouses, this integration means that the driver only has to sign one time for the bill of lading of his shipment to be generated. No extra printing, scanning or upkeep of wasteful copies is required. The driver's copy is printed and a soft copy is maintained within the SAP database.

This feature is designed and coded in SAP ABAP. Not only does that make this product unique but it works seamlessly in any SAP environment. It is the only product that is currently available in the market guaranteeing that the product's design and architecture meets SAP standards. Clients can buy this feature without any hesitation.

SAP eSign is ready to deploy, easy to use and works with any module. Clients save on printing, stationery and storage costs. SAP eSign is also easy and inexpensive to maintain.

It is dynamic and can be implemented in a host of other processes:
• Collecting drivers signatures on bill of lading
• Customers signatures on the repair orders
• Employee signatures on HR documents
• Treasury department for payment receipt

SAP eSign works with all SAP modules. As compared to other third party electronic signature software, SAP eSign does not require expensive setting up or maintenence of an additional server, software or operating system. Customers can start using this feature in a less than 24 hours with no major changes being made to smartforms or SAPscripts.

Some of the Key Benefits are:
• Low setup cost: No 3rd party servers, database license or operating system
• Designed to manage everything in SAP and Zero maintenance cost
• Say good bye to hard copies.
• Preview of signatures on documents live, on demand