IDTAG is Almasons’ unique software deployment methodology. It is based on the experience of professionals who have studied and implemented SAP EWM projects over several years. It has been designed to give clients their best options quickly and easily.

IDTAG stands for Identify - Deploy - Test - Adjust - Go Live:
1. Identify your project requirement from over a thousand pre- tested scenarios by matching your business needs to them. These scenarios have been pre- tested to ensure smooth deployment.
2. Deploy the scenario you have selected. Output forms and custom solutions are also available for known gaps.
3. Test and assess the system.
4. Adjust the system based on the results of the testing phase.
5. Go- live quickly and successfully.

IDTAG helps reduce the time and cost required for the implementation of a new system because the client's system is not only fully configured and ready for deployment, it also requires very little adjustment. This reduces the time required for unnecessary middle processes. This methodology additionally allows our clients to start experiencing and testing the system early in the blueprinting phase. Clients can walk through their systems, enquire and suggest changes even before deployment to avoid loss of time and money due to repetitively designing, deploying and testing.

Through our proprietary EWM Made Easy Tools, time usually lost in drawing up functional specifications and technical design is channeled into testing the system thoroughly. Using which we cut down integration test time and therefore, implementation time and cost.

IDTAG is the edge we bring to businesses who want fast and effective system solutions. It has proven successful in the past and has been refined by years of delivering customer solutions just the way they like it- fast, inexpensive and sustainable.