RF and Barcoding


RF & Barcode is a key component of SAP WM and EWM and has been an integral part of the supply chain and warehousing industry since the year 1999. The ability to track each product and its movement through to the end customer is important in this customer driven world. There is a need to assign and manage Product IDs accurately, especially in large warehouses. It helps identify the products location in the supply chain and move orders faster.

Almasons can help you design and set up your RF & Barcode program and process to ensure that it is customised to suit your business needs. The ease of use and minimization of wasteful activities guaranteed by employing RF & Barcode makes your business processes competitively faster. We can reduce the number of stops and checks your product does by making your process accurate and lean. Almasons RF programs are designed to require lesser number of scans to complete the same process when compared to the standard SAP offerings. This greatly reduces the risk of error and wastage. All of Almasons RF screens are also UDI compliant. Click here for list of Almasons RF Porgrams.

Reduce operational cost and resource requirements with Almasons’ RF and Barcoding EME tools. Reach out to us to know more.