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What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean Manufacturing is a term used to refer to the applications of Lean Principles and tools for the assembly lines to reduce waste. Many industries have adopted the concept of Lean Manufacturing for the development and manufacture of physical products. It helps to eliminate waste, improve takt time and meet demand, launch new products early in a fast-paced and ever-changing marketplace. Waste in Lean Manufacturing refers to anything that does not add value to the customer, it can be – process, activity, product, or service that requires the industry to invest manpower, time, and capital.

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Just-in-Time (JIT)Replenishment

Just-In-Time replenishment is one of the Lean Manufacturing principles which involves the delivery of the right materials, at the right place, at the right time, and in the right quantities. JIT replenishment allows the industries to hold optimum inventory which ultimately helps them to reduce inventory holding costs, inventory obsolete cost, etc. With an efficient demand forecast, industries can estimate the inventory levels required for a certain period and accordingly can plan the supply chains.

Why Almasons JIT Solutions?



At Almasons, we create programs that are simple to understand and to integrate. We believe that any complicated process can be simplified and be made more accessible.



We are practical about what is within the reach of most teams to accomplish – and the challenges our customers face. Our team will help you achieve quick and realistic progress.



At Almasons, we respect tradition and honor the heritage of lean manufacturing. We also believe that lean should be flexible and adaptable to progress.



One of the least appreciated and least practiced aspects of lean manufacturing is the people. We believe that you play a vital role in creating this sustainable long-term change.

Why choose Almasons EZWM Lean Manufacturing solutions?

Almasons EZWM Lean Manufacturing solutions are intelligently designed to calculate the demand of the assembly lines. It can take into consideration the consumption per unit time and calculate the requirements for each material at each sub-station of the assembly lines. After generating the requirements, it guides the operator to accurately to different pick locations at the Supermarket and then deliver it to the right sub-station at the assembly line. As the inventory levels at the Supermarket fall, then based on the ROP, EZWM generates new requirements for Forklift operators to pick pallets from the warehouse and deliver them to the Supermarkets. EZWM enables the warehouse team to unload the pallet and re-stock the supermarket racks ensuring that materials are placed at the correct locations. EZWM is also capable of tracking damaged inventory at any location of the warehouse or supermarket.

Are you wondering how to minimize wastage of resources and processes without compromising on productivity? We have you covered.

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