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Streamline your supply chain operations with unique & fresh methods. Drive notably higher productivity, accuracy, and safety at remarkably affordable costs.

Almasons voice-driven workflows are streamlined, easy-to-learn mobile worker apps. These cover all major supply chain functions from Manufacturing & Warehousing through Transport & Retail. And these apps run on the widest range of rugged Android devices from most vendors. Integration with all major ERP & WMS are assured, and we are SAP-Certified.

  • Receiving
  • Putaway
  • Packing
  • Picking
  • Palletizing
  • Loading

Optimize decision-making with user-friendly dashboards. Gain valuable insights into operations and track operator performance. Our system captures data meticulously, providing accurate, real-time information for a comprehensive understanding of your workflow dynamics and facilitating informed decision-making.

A graph showing the average pick time, travel time, break time, and total time of four operators in a warehouse.
A graph showing operator productivity on two days.
A graph showing the number of lines and units picked.
A graph showing the operator performance overview.
A pie chart showing the number of line items picked.
A graph showing actual vs goal performance.
A graph showing performance of four operators.
A graph showing the average pick time, travel time, break time, and total time of four operators in a warehouse.
An image showcasing a labor data.

Capture second-by-second data on each worker's status. Use our Analytics engine to discover wasted motion, workflows that need to be streamlined, and study how one worker, team, or site compares to others.

Two operators one equipped with a headset are inspecting a machinery.

Transform your operations with our solution, designed to modernize and streamline equipment checklists. Embrace the ease of digitization and hands-free control, elevating efficiency and precision. Your tasks can be made more efficient using the convenience of voice interaction.

Our workflows are modern user-friendly Android apps your workers will love. They are designed to be completely voice-driven or can be touchscreen-controlled. Our Workflows are pre-built for speed of deployment, but easily adapted to your unique needs and processes. Drive operational speed, accuracy, and safety to new levels by going Eyes-Up & Hands-Free with Voice.



Pack & Ship

Transport & Logistics

Retail Store

Our affordable electronic signature solution optimizes the signing process for smarter and quicker workflows. Enjoy seamless transactions and enhanced efficiency as you expertly manage your business processes with our innovative e-signature solution.


Customer Pickup, Store Delivery


Inspection, Quality Audit


Loading, Unloading, PO Receipts


Warehouse Pickup, Store Delivery, Customer Delivery


Forklift Inspection, Equipment Inspection, Audit

An image to display online offline and hybrid mode of our solution.

Free your workers from WiFi dependency. Operate smoothly during WiFi interruptions with workflows backed up by Almasons GiNi® Smart Connect. Provides caching of worker activity & inputs, and then seamlessly synchronizing with backend ERP & WMS systems once reconnected.

  • Supports worker apps on Android 9.0 and above.

  • Continue working when WiFi is weak or down.

  • Pick from yard/trailers where no WiFi is present.

  • Expand to temporary storage areas.

  • No upgrades to WiFi required for voice-driven apps.

Convert your worker applications into voice-enabled systems in as little as one day; all it takes is a few added lines of Almasons code. No adjustments to your backend WMS, ERP, CRM. Streamline apps for higher throughput. Make apps easier to learn. Embrace a do-it-yourself approach without voice consultants or expensive customizations. Leverage Almasons decades of experience in Voice.

An image of a monitor with code and android showcasing voice integration.


LI Datalogic
LI Honeywell
LI Seuic
LI Zebra
Sunmi Certificate
Urovo Certificate
LI Datalogic
LI Honeywell
LI Seuic
LI Zebra
Sunmi Certificate
Urovo Certificate


Supply Chain Solutions Reimagined 

Drive higher throughput, accuracy, and safety with Almasons.

Give us 30 minutes and we will explain how to achieve up to 30% improvements in as little as 30 days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A comprehensive portfolio of solutions, including mobile apps or workflows that are often voice-enabled, supervisor controls, labor management systems & dashboards, Maintain & Inspect, eSign, Smart Connect, and a voice development kit. Backend system integration to ERP, WMS, TMS, CRM systems is part of our offerings. We support solutions that work with a wide range of worker equipment types including rugged handhelds, voice gear, vision-picking headsets, robotics and automated material handling equipment controls.

Begin with a risk-free 3-day Proof-of-Concept test OR a one-month traditional pilot.

Our workflows capture second-by-second data on worker status changes, such as specific tasks assigned, travel time, breaks, lunch, idle time, assignment to other temporary tasks. This level of detail is not typically tracked by most ERP & WMS systems. We then allow easy analysis of the raw worker data, and to drive graphical comparisons of one worker to others, across teams, or sites in our graphical Dashboards. This data can be used to set minimum performance standards/quotas, to coach or support disciplinary actions for workers, to drive compensation, support gamification challenges, and to discover potential process changes to eliminate wasted motion and other inefficiencies.

Our workflows are designed using modern GUI techniques to make them easy to learn and use. They can be driven voice-only, via touchscreen inputs, or a hybrid of both – whichever works best for your requirements in each function. Almasons easily adapts our apps to your specific needs, and we do not dictate how you must operate. Our voice solutions support 65 languages and dialects to support your diverse workforce.

We voice-enable the collection of common inputs for typical maintenance and inspection functions. This allows you to work hands-free speeding up the process. For example, we digitize OSHA-required daily checklists for common warehouse equipment types, eliminating paper, and requiring the completion of these daily checks at a specified time and in order. We have crosschecks that flag falsified inputs. This enforces compliance and simplifies record-keeping. Our solution is cloud-based eliminating costly setups and servers. We offer a risk-free trial.

Almasons eSign embeds capturing digital signatures at key points in your workflows. We allow this to occur on mobile phones, on rugged handheld devices, on tablets, or central kiosks as part of say a Truck Driver’s Check-In Procedure.

Our solution is SAP-certified and is compatible with any WMS, ERP, or Transport Management System.

Our Voice Dev Kit allows you to convert your existing apps to add voice-driven functions in as little as a day, with provided code segments. We support 65 different languages and dialects – the highest in the industry today. You can leverage the decades of voice experience from Almasons by following our best practices and tech support guidance.

Yes, using Smart Connect allows users to continue to work when they are temporarily disconnected or where no WiFi is present at all. This allows you to use outdoor or temporary storage locations where you do not have WiFi installed. You can for example send pickers to trailers in your yard or overflow storage containers – they’ll simply follow normal picking instructions just as if they were connected on WiFi.