Convert To Voice-Driven Checklists, Now Hands-Free, To Speed Up The M&I Process. Ensures Steps Are Completed As, And When, Directed.

Transform your operations with our solution, designed to modernize and streamline equipment checklists. Embrace the ease of digitization and hands-free control, elevating efficiency and precision. Your tasks can be made more efficient using the convenience of voice interaction.

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Voice enabled in 65 languages & dialects

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Converts paper to digital records

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Image, Video capture and streaming

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Ensures OSHA compliance

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Checklists are easy to setup & modify

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Runs on Android rugged handhelds

osha checklists

Go digital with OSHA compliance checks on your supply chain equipment such as forklifts. Eliminate paper with digital records. Ensure inspectors follow the correct steps for each make/model, do the work as scheduled, and capture photos and videos to document work required and completions.

Ensure your M&I processes follow industry best practices and requirements. Store records digitally to ease access and reporting.

Industry Compliance

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Risk-Free Trial

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Our risk-free trial lets you explore our features and functionality, so you see firsthand how easy Almasons M&I is to setup and use.
Almasons reduces the financial burden of moving from easily-lost paper checklists to a well-documented digital future. Have records at hand when regulators demand it!

No Upfront Investment

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Unlocking Productivity: The advantages of voice-enabled applications for efficient, confident, and focused work

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Voice-directed systems are easier for workers to learn. They receive commands and can respond naturally in their language of choice. New workers feel more confident from day one that they can handle the demands of the job, aiding in retention.

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Voice-enabled applications are faster to work with, increasing productivity. Hands are free to handle the work to be done. Faster to train new workers.

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When workers don’t have to shift their visual attention to read screens or peck at keys, they can pay closer attention to where they are walking and working.

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Keeping workers focused on the work at hand instead of the gear in their hands, commonly improves accuracy. Voice-enabled workflows in the service area help ensure every inspection is done correctly each time.

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Easily call up images & videos to guide the M&I process. Capture images & videos to document the completed work.

Optimized for Challenging Environments and Tailored Workflows​.

Adaptability to Extreme Conditions

Almasons M&I gear and solutions thrive in extreme conditions. Rugged Handhelds and specially-designed noise-canceling headsets are no problem in dirty, wet, cold, high-heat environments.

Workflow Customization

Easily customized means no need for extensive IT support. Keep your processes and equipment lists always up to date with our DIY system.

Cloud-Based Solution

Ensures broad accessibility and real-time updates. No need for special server hardware. View M&I status from anywhere at any time.

Supply Chain Solutions Reimagined 

Drive higher throughput, accuracy, and safety with Almasons.

Give us 30 minutes and we will explain how to achieve up to 30% improvements in as little as 30 days.

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