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Work Untethered; Don't Be Network-Bound.

Free your workers from Wi-Fi dependency. Operate smoothly during Wi-Fi interruptions with workflows backed up by Almasons GiNi® Smart Connect. Provides caching of worker activity & inputs, and then seamlessly synchronizing with backend ERP & WMS systems once reconnected.

No Wi-Fi Connection? No Problem!

Our Smart Connect tools allow our workflows to continue to operate when temporarily disconnected. Our apps continue to run, caching instructions to be served and data collected, and then synchs-up with backend ERP & WMS systems when connectivity returns. No app beeps, no screen freezes, no lost time. Allows storage in yards and temporary overflow locations where no Wi-Fi is present.

Customer Advantages: No Interruptions, No New Investments, No Whining!

No Wasted Time
When Wi-Fi is weak in that corner of your plant or warehouse, work comes to a crawl or stops entirely. Smart Connect allows everything to continue even with no wireless connectivity.
No Network Upgrades Needed
Competing workflows are often browser-driven or are network-dependent – they die when the network does. Not with native Workflows + Smart Connect. No need to add AP’s for Voice.
No Excuses
Workers often blame network problems for slow performance. No whining when workflows are protected by Smart Connect.

android Support

Smart Connect supports native apps running on Android version 9 and higher. Prevents app crashes when Wi-Fi is weak or missing.

Device adaptability

Smart Connect runs on all popular rugged Android devices, and supports the full range of form-factors and screen sizes.

Smart Connect allows factories and warehouse operations to use extended, seasonal, or temporary inventory storage locations.

Hexagonal icon with a sun and cloud, symbolizing partly cloudy weather.

Pick from Yard/Trailers

Simplifies operations by enabling direct picking from yard/trailers. Enhance efficiency, reduce effort, and improve your WMS.

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Flexibility in Storage

Adapt to inventory fluctuations and optimize space dynamically for efficient warehouse management.

Supply Chain Solutions Reimagined 

Drive higher throughput, accuracy, and safety with Almasons.

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